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Book cover to Tales of Hibaria The Master of Tides. Image is a young redheaded teen girl holding a glowing sand dollar.

Tales of Hibaria

YA Fantasy

by author Jamin Still

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At Renewed Books, we are more than just a publishing house; we're curators of literary time. Our passion lies in the preservation of timeless classics and the cultivation of contemporary voices. We bridge the gap between the cherished words of yesteryear and the compelling narratives of today, offering a unique blend of vintage and vision. With a dedication to quality, creativity, and storytelling, we bring forth books that resonate across generations, inviting readers to journey through the past and embrace the stories of the present.

Reader Reviews:

Book cover to Tales of Hibaria The Master of Tides. Image is a young redheaded teen girl holding a glowing sand dollar.

“Constellations that are living beings and protectors of mankind? Sign me up! A young woman with a witty sidekick? I'm there. Deep magic and old woods? I've got my mug and I'll see you on the other side! I cannot wait for the next installment in the world of Hibaria!”

-Ambre Sautter

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"A. A. Milne's Once on a Time combines

classic fairy tale elements with hilarious effect. This delightful read featuring a strong princess who wants to do what is best for her kingdom will appeal to adults and older children alike."

-Kirsten Hill

a Reshelving Alexandria community reviewer



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